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Agile planning and delivery. Simplified.

We're open

GitLab's open core is published under an MIT open source license. The rest is source-available. Everyone can contribute to making GitLab better. View our transparent roadmap and propose features your project needs.

You're in control

Download, install, and manage your own GitLab instance. Or let us—or a partner—do it for you. Deploy to the cloud you prefer. With GitLab, you have options.

Community powered

Connect with open source enthusiasts on the GitLab Forum to find support and collaborate. And meet members of the GitLab Open Source Partners program to learn how large-scale open source projects innovate with GitLab.

Built for collaboration

Your entire community can use GitLab—not only developers. Onboard new members with ease. Foster cross-team collaboration. Maintain your documentation. Plan new features and track upcoming milestones. Automate testing. GitLab's end-to-end platform helps everyone contribute.

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Get started with GitLab for Open Source Unlock your community's full potential. Features of GitLab Ultimate—including 50,000 compute minutes—are free to qualifying open source projects through the GitLab for Open Source Program.

Our open source partners

GitLab Open Source Partners are building the future of open source on GitLab.

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