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Jan 5, 2012


Last week we made some changes to gitlab so we are a bit closer to 2.1 release. Learn more! Read on

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Gitlabhq v2.0: Moderno

Dec 22, 2011

We finally moved from gitosis to gitolite. It'll allow us to make a lot of useful features in future. Learn more!

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What's next?

Nov 22, 2011

Pronto' released. We are on our way to version 2. The main goal is gitolite support. Learn more here!

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Pronto released

Nov 22, 2011

Here you can find information about GitLab's Pronto release. Learn more!

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Features for Pronto (v1.2.0)

Nov 17, 2011

Here you can find information on GitLab Features for Pronto (v1.2.0). View more here!

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gitlab v1.1 vmware image

Oct 24, 2011

Here you can find information on gitlab v1.1 vmware image. View more here!

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