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Security is built in, not bolted on GitLab’s security capabilities – such as DAST,  fuzz testing, container scanning, and API screening – are integrated end-to-end.
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Compliance and precise policy management GitLab offers a comprehensive governance solution allowing for separation of duties between teams. GitLab’s policy editor allows customized approval rules tailored to each organization’s compliance requirements, reducing risk.
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Security automation GitLab’s advanced automation tools enable velocity with guardrails, ensuring code is automatically scanned for vulnerabilities.
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See how HackerOne’s engineering team used automation with GitLab to save manual cycle time and create faster security scanning, saving an additional hour per deploy on testing. Read more
Is your platform able to integrate security throughout the Software Delivery Life Cycle? Integrating security at every step reduces the need for additional integrations and minimizes the risk of failure Learn more about our commitment to information security
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GitLab Duo

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  • Boost efficiency and reduce cycle times with the help of AI in every phase of the software development lifecycle.
  • We lead with a privacy-first approach to help enterprises and regulated organizations adopt AI-powered workflows.
  • A single application with built-in security to deliver more software faster, enabling executive visibility across value streams and preventing context switching.
  • From planning and code creation to testing, security, and monitoring, our AI-assisted workflows support developer, security, and ops teams.
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Merge Requests with Approval Rules
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