Our first webcast and our 50th release

Heather McNamee ·
Jan 13, 2016 · 1 min read

On January 22nd we'll release our 50th monthly release. We want to take this time to celebrate this milestone with GitLab users. You can join us for a webcast the following week, Thursday, Jan 28th, 5pm (17:00) UTC; 12pm EST; 9am PS.

A walk-through tour

Job van der Voort, our VP of Product, will give us a guided tour of the features of GitLab 8.4. These features include enhanced search capabilities and improved importing from GitHub and GitLab.

There are also upgrades coming for popular features, such as GitLab CI and others. There are improvements to artifact support, and the ability to add computing power with runner auto-queue. We're also working on CNAME support for GitLab Pages, a feature in GitLab EE and available on GitLab.com.

A sneak peek!

OK, it's hard to entice you with a "sneak peek" when all of our development is in the open. However, you will get an overview of the direction of GitLab, and where the project is heading.

We'll finish with a live Q+A with Job and Dmitriy Zaporozhets, the project founder and our CTO. They will also talk about how we manage the release process at GitLab, and what we've learned managing this project.

See you on the webcast

We hope to see you there, Thursday, January 28 at 5pm (17:00) UTC; 12pm EST; 9am PS.

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