Feature Comparison
FEATURES Free Premium Ultimate

Built-in CI/CD

Project Issue Board

Group Issue Board

Multiple Project Issue Boards

Time Tracking

Git LFS 2.0 support

Wiki based project documentation

WYSIWYG Editing in Wiki

Design Management

GitLab-Figma Plugin

Project Level Value Stream Analytics

Preview your changes with Review Apps

Environments Auto-stop


Publish static websites for free with GitLab Pages

Keep track of releases using GitLab Releases

Group-level release analytics

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Security Scanning

Secret Detection

Static Site Editor

Scoped Labels

Issue Weights

Iteration Cadences

Multiple Issue Assignees

Issue Dependencies

Epic Boards

Bulk Edit Epics

Burnup Charts

Burndown Charts

Track Description Changes

Multiple Group Issue Boards

Total Issue Weight per Issue Board List

Issue Board Assignee Lists

Issue Board Milestone Lists

Issue Board Configuration

Single level Epics

Confidential Epics

Reorder Issues in Epic Tree

Epic Fixed Dates

Epic Dynamic Dates

Promote Issue to Epic


Planning hierarchy

Issue Analytics

Required Merge Request Approvals

Multiple approvers in code review

Approval rules for code review

Repository mirroring

Push rules

Block secret file push

Reject unsigned commits

Verified Committer

Restrict push and merge access

Instance file templates

Group file templates

Code Owners

Fault-tolerant Git storage with Gitaly

Variable replication factor

Group-level Wiki

Group Level Value Stream Analytics

Priority Support

24/7 uptime support

Next business day Support

Code Search

Advanced Search

Group webhooks

Fault-tolerant PostgreSQL

Log forwarding

Lock project membership to group

Live upgrade assistance

Interface for audit events

Users and permissions report

Custom compliance frameworks

Enforce merge request approval settings

Disaster Recovery

Operations Dashboard

Code Quality Reports

Multi-project pipeline graphs

Fine-grained access controls for CI/CD based Kubernetes deployments

GitOps deployment management

Support for Scaled Architectures

Built-in and custom project templates

Browser Performance Testing

Load Performance Testing

Group Code Coverage Data

Contribution Analytics

CI/CD for external repo

CI/CD for GitHub

SAML SSO for Groups

Protected Environments

Comments in Review Apps

Associate Feature Flags with the issue(s) that is related to them

Merged results pipelines

Merge Trains

Run pipelines in the parent project for MRs from forks

Environments Dashboard

Cross-project jobs with artifact dependencies

Productivity Analytics

Code Review Analytics

Escalate manually created Incidents

Merge Request Dependencies

Manage access to protected environments from the API

View Jira issues in GitLab

Service Level Agreement countdown timer

On-call Schedule Management

Escalation Policies

Maintenance mode

Group-level permissions for Protected Environments

Multi project pipeline visualization

Static Application Security Testing

Multi-level Epics

Issue and Epic Health Reporting

Linked Epics

Portfolio-level Roadmaps

Requirements Management

Satisfy Requirements from CI/CD pipelines

Import & Export Requirements

Quality Management

Create test cases from within GitLab

Portfolio Management

Free guest users

Compliance pipeline configuration

Chain of custody report

Compliance report

External status checks

Require a Jira issue before merging code

Streaming Audit Events

Code Quality violation notices in MR diffs

Configuration UI

Custom Rulesets for SAST

Custom Rulesets for Secret Detection

Vulnerability Database

Project Dependency List

Dependency Scanning

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Dynamic API Security Testing (DAST API)

Automated solutions for Dependency Scanning vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management

Standalone Vulnerability Objects

Vulnerability Reports

Security Dashboards

Create Jira issues from vulnerabilities

Integrated security training

Security Policies

Container Scanning

Automated solutions for Container Scanning vulnerabilities

Security Approvals

License Compliance

DORA-4 metric - Lead time for changes

DORA-4 metric - Deployment frequency

DORA 4 Metrics: Time To restore Service

DORA 4 Metrics: Change Failure Rate


DevOps Adoption

View alerts on the Environments page

View deployment status on the Environments page

Status Page

Auto Rollback in case of failure

Coverage-guided Fuzz Testing

API Fuzz Testing

On-demand DAST

Site and Scanner profiles for On-demand DAST scans

DAST Configuration UI

Scheduling On-demand DAST scans

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