Feature Comparison

FEATURES Free Bronze Silver Gold

Built-in CI/CD

Project Issue Board

Group Issue Board

Multiple Project Issue Boards

Time Tracking

Cycle Analytics

Preview your changes with Review Apps

Environments Auto-stop

Publish static websites for free with GitLab Pages

Keep track of releases using GitLab Releases

Git LFS 2.0 support

Issue Weights

Multiple Issue Assignees

Related Issues

Export Issues CSV file

Burndown Charts

Total Issue Weight per Issue Board List

Issue Board Configuration

Issue Board Focus Mode

Next business day Support

Multiple approvers in code review

Group webhooks

Push rules

Block secret file push

Remote repository pull mirroring

Display merge request status for builds on Jenkins CI

Lock project membership to group

Merge approvals

Code Quality

Restrict push and merge access to certain users

Contribution Analytics

Manage third party offers

Code Owners

Visual Reviews

Code Review Analytics

Release Audit Events

Scoped Labels

Issue Analytics

Custom Text in Emails

Jira Development Panel Integration

Multiple Group Issue Boards

Issue Board Assignee Lists

Issue Board Milestone Lists

Single level Epics


Service Desk

Service Desk Custom Branding

Priority Support

Approval rules for code review

Reject unsigned commits

Verified Committer

File Locking

CI/CD Pipelines Dashboard

Container registry geographic replication

Multi-project pipeline graphs

Support for multiple Kubernetes clusters

Deploy Boards

Timed and manual incremental rollout deployments

Canary Deployments

Built-in and custom project templates

Browser Performance Testing

CI/CD for external repo

CI/CD for GitHub

Group file templates

Protected Environments

Conan (C/C++) Repository

Maven (Java) Repository

NPM (node) Registry

NuGet (.NET) Repository

Use the Package Registry through REST API

Package debugging with an integrated web terminal

Feature Flags

Percentage Rollout Strategy for Feature Flags

UserID Rollout Strategy for Feature Flags

Merge request reviews

Pipelines for Merged Results

Merge Trains

Environments Dashboard

Associate Releases with Milestones

Productivity Analytics

Cluster Environments Global View

Merge Request Dependencies

Manage access to protected environments from the API

Static Application Security Testing

supports 11 languages

Multi-level Epics

Reorder Issues in Epic Tree

Epic Fixed Dates

Epic Dynamic Dates

Promote Issue to Epic

Portfolio Management

Application performance alerts

Free Guest users

Web Terminal for Web IDE

File Syncing to Web Terminal

Security Dashboards

Vulnerability Database available for viewing and is accepting contributions

Add a reason when dismissing vulnerabilities

Project Dependency List

Dependency Scanning

Container Scanning

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Vulnerability Management

Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring

License Compliance

View Kubernetes pod logs

Restrict access by IP address

IP Whitelisting

Automated solutions for vulnerabilities

Dependency Proxy for Container Registry



Embedded Metrics

Generic Alert Endpoint

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Statistics Reporting

Network Policies for Container Network Security

Vulnerability Management

Select and dismiss multiple vulnerabilities