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Accelerate modern DevOps. Bring velocity with confidence, security without sacrifice, and visibility into DevOps success.

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Velocity with confidence

GitLab’s consistent, efficient developer and operator experience leads to a simplified and more predictable SDLC. By using one tool for source code management, CI, CD, and security, teams are more efficient and productive with streamlined collaboration. Engineers are happier when they can focus on adding value, rather than maintaining integrations — and happy developers attract and retain talent.

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Security without sacrifice

Mitigate risk of both the software factory and its deliverables while maintaining development velocity. Built-in and extensible AppSec testing allows developers to focus on writing code instead of managing tools. Development and Security teams can truly collaborate with each other, on the same platform. Common controls, end-to-end, help with compliance and security of your software supply chain.

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Visibility into DevOps success

With out-of-the-box operational metrics (including DORA metrics such as deployment frequency and lead time), you’ll always know where you align with IT and business priorities. With visibility into bottlenecks and a path to resolve them, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to drive both team performance and competitive advantage.

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