In GitLab 8.0 we worked hard to refine the UI so it is really enjoyable to use. After the release we received a lot of positive feedback. However, users requested a few customizations to help the UI better fit their daily use. We considered all of this feedback and are happy to share some new user preferences in GitLab 8.1.

Among these new user preferences are the ability to choose between a fluid or fixed width layout and the option to choose activity as the default dashboard instead of the project list.

Layout width

GitLab 8.0 introduced a fixed width layout in an attempt to make content easier to follow. The fixed width layout on large monitors will have a gray negative space on either side of content.

Fixed width wide screen

Some users still like the idea of the fluid layout and now they have a choice.

From the GitLab dashboard, go to 'Profile Settings' and then 'Preferences'.

Scroll down to the 'Behavior' section and choose 'Fluid' from the 'Layout width' dropdown. Save changes and you will now take full advantage of your large screen.

Fluid width wide screen

Default Dashboard

Another change in GitLab 8.0 was that the old dashboard containing both the project list and activity were split out in to two different pages - 'Projects' and 'Activity'. By splitting them out we are able to add some additional scopes to each page, such as a tab for starred projects and starred projects' activity. Beginning in 8.1 users can choose between four different default dashboard views.

From the GitLab dashboard, go to 'Profile Settings' and then 'Preferences'.

Scroll down to the 'Behavior' section and choose one of four options from the 'Default Dashboard' dropdown.

Project view

Although not new for GitLab 8.1, it's also worth sharing the 'Project view' user preference. By default, a project's main page will display the Readme file. This is great for first-time visitors who are not familiar with the project. However, project members that frequent this page may be more interested in the recent activity.

From the GitLab dashboard, go to 'Profile Settings' and then 'Preferences'.

Scroll down to the 'Behavior' section and choose either 'Readme' or 'Activity' in the 'Project view' dropdown.

Readme View

Project Readme View

Activity View

Project Activity View


We hope these new user preferences allow users to customize GitLab in a way that best fits their daily use. See the GitLab 8.1 release post for information on upgrading so you can take advantage of these features today. Users on can take advantage of these features immediately.

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