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A New Git-Based Workflow

GitLab Flow: A simple, transparent way to work with Git

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Git is open source and enables safe, reliable, and fast distributed software development workflows by supporting branches to independently and safely work on features and bug fixes.

The GitLab workflow facilitates improved team collaboration by accelerating ideas to production with features such as Auto DevOps. GitLab Flow unites code version management with project and deployment management tools in order to create the easiest way to work with Git. While development teams can continue to seamlessly use Git, all team members can adopt easy-to-use features to simplify workflows and releases, enabling everyone to participate in a DevOps transformation as an organization scales.

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Environment branches for stability

GitLab Flow provisions multiple environments like staging, pre-production, and production by using separate dedicated branches so that commits flow downstream to ensure that everything has been tested on all environments.

Merge requests for feedback

The GitLab merge request workflow serves as a code review tool, allowing team members to comment in general or on specific lines. If the review reveals shortcomings, anyone can contribute, depending on access level, by either committing to the same branch or forking the branch to create a new merge request.

Issue tracking for transparency

GitLab Flow integrates the Git workflow with an issue tracking system, so that changes to the code start with an issue where goals are described, helping people keep the scope of a feature branch small.

Adopting GitLab Flow gives software development teams the competitive edge they need in today’s hyper-digitalized and ever-transforming world.

What people are saying

Git has grown to be the most popular version control system for developers — 82 percent of the 100,000 developers who responded to Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey are using Git.

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