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Join the GitLab for Open Source Program

Our top tiers, and 50,000 CI minutes, are free for Open Source projects

GitLab exists today in large part thanks to the work of hundreds of thousands of open source contributors around the world. To give back to this community, we want to help their teams be more efficient, secure, and productive by allowing them to use GitLab's top capabilities.


  1. OSI-approved open source license -- All of the code you host in this GitLab group must be published under OSI-approved licenses
  2. Non-profit -- Your organization must not seek to make a profit. Accepting donations to sustain your efforts is ok
  3. Publicly visible -- Your group or self-hosted instance and your source code must be publicly visible and publicly available

Additional information

  1. All public projects on automatically receive Gold functionality at the project level. Apply to this program if you need Gold functionality at the group level.
  2. Free GitLab Ultimate and Gold accounts do not include support. However, you can purchase support for 95% off, at $4.95 per user per month.
  3. The number of seats is the number of different users that will use this license during the next year.
  4. Your program membership needs to be renewed annually.
  5. If you have any additional questions regarding this program, feel free to reach us at

Application process

Create your group

  1. Sign up for a Free account (can be hosted or self-hosted), or enroll in a free trial for our top tiers
  2. Create your group and set its visibility to Public. If you're using a self-hosted instance, make sure it is publicly accessible
  3. Add OSI-approved license information to at least one of the projects in your group's LICENSE files

Verify program requirements

We ask that you create a Merge Request with information verifying that your group meets our program's requirements.

  1. Create a account if you do not have one already
  2. Create a fork of this project
  3. Edit the oss_projects.yml file to add an entry for your request
  4. Commit the changes to your fork and submit a new Merge Request against this project. Save the link to this Merge Request as you’ll need it for the next step of the process.

Apply to the program

  1. Submit the application form on the right side of this page with a link to the Merge Request created in the previous step
  2. You can expect an initial response from our team within 5 business days. You may be asked to provide further information

Get your licenses

If your application is accepted, we’ll work with you to grant your license. Here’s what to expect.

  1. Sign a quote. The balance will be zero unless you decide to add on paid support
  2. Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA) that will be sent to your email
  3. Receive the license key (for Ultimate) or further instructions (for Gold)

Renewal process

Please send an email to us via approximately one month before your license expires. Here's what to include:

  1. Name of your organization or project
  2. Number of seats you're renewing. If needed, you can request additional seats
  3. Any change of ownership to the account. If needed, please let us know at this time

We'll be in touch with you shortly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to apply for every OSS project separately?

    The subscription is going to be for a group, so only one application will be enough. Apply with your most representative project.

  2. Can I use this license for my non-open source projects as well?

    No. The GitLab license can be used only for the open source projects it was approved for.

  3. Is GitLab available in my country?

    GitLab is available to people all over the world in many languages. However, since we are a U.S.-based company, we do not offer our services in U.S. embargoed countries.

  4. Why can't I submit my form?

    If you live in Ukraine, you'll need to verify that you do not live in the Crimean Penninsula, since Crimea is on the U.S. embargo list. If you list your country as "Ukraine" our form won't automatically let you submit. If you do not live in Crimea, please fill out the application form and add your full address in the "billing address" section. Provide your city in the city drop down, and choose a different country (not Ukraine) in the country drop-down. You should now be able to submit the form.

  1. Who gets counted in the subscription?

    Please see our licensing and subscription FAQ for the detailed explanation.

  2. Why can't I see an application form on this page?

    Some web browsers and privacy extensions block the application form because they identify it as a pop-up. Please disable the pop-up blocker on this page, refresh the page, and check again.

  3. What are the benefits for projects hosted on

    While all public projects hosted on already have access to Gold features at the project level, this does not include group-level features.

    The GitLab for Open Source license provides the additional ability to use Gold group-level features (e.g. Epics, Roadmap). It also allows projects to have 50,000 CI minutes per month for free.

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