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Plugged-In CI vs Plugin CI

With continuous integration already built-in, teams get more done with GitLab.

Seamless continuous integration

GitLab's built-in CI offers a complete DevOps workflow without the headache of managing a complicated plugin ecosystem.

Focus on releasing features instead of fixing brittle pipelines. Automate your builds and tests with CI that works the first time.

Visibility across projects

Plugins create silos and confusion.

GitLab provides full visibility across pipelines and projects so teams gain faster feedback and stay engaged. Teams have everything they need in one place.

Optimized for cloud native and K8

Kubernetes and plugins sound like a nightmare-X. And it is.

GitLab is an industry leader in cloud native CI with a robust Kubernetes integration.

Lower cost of ownership

Jenkins requires considerable maintenance and flaky configurations, leading to downtime and unplanned work for admins.

GitLab has SCM, CI, CD, AND code review delivered as a single application. It’s a complete DevOps platform, no plugins required.

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