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Category Vision - Design Management

Design Management

We want to treat Product Designers as first-class users within GitLab and support their workflows as good as any product can. Design management will consider the design life cycle from generating ideas, design reviews, design systems, and more.

Please reach out to PM Christen Dybenko (E-Mail) if you'd like to provide feedback or ask questions about what's coming.

Target Audience and Experience

Design Management is targeted at product designers who collaborate with product managers and software developers.

The minimal user journey will provide designers with the ability to upload mockups to an issue, and for point of interest discussions to happen on each image. Over time these mockups can be updated to resolve the discussions. As the mockups are changed, new versions will be created so that process can be captured and reviewed.

What's Next & Why

In progress: Versioned designs and point of interest discussions - collaboration between designers, developers and product managers on issues is hard and unstructured. This first iteration will make it possible to upload discuss designs far more efficiently. Point of interest comments are the key feature, that allows much precise discussion rather than trying to verbally discuss multiple items of feedback on a single image in a single thread.

Next: Design reviews and approvals - now that the first iteration of our MVC has shipped we're beginning to examine additional workflows that valuable inside of Designs. The first step is to understand how current review and approval processes work outside of GitLab and how we could adapt those to GitLab.

Next: Design Management prototyping support - currently Design Management only supports static images which are a valuable part of the design process, but may not be able to fully communicate the user experience. Part of enabling communication around that process is to allowing users to create simple click-through prototypes for designs.

Competitive Landscape

Within the Design Tools market, each product broadly solves one or more of these problems:

The most full featured Design Tools, that are attempting to solve all these problems are:

Given GitLab's unique strength as the single source of truth for planning and source code, we are well positioned to work from the merge request backwards into design workflows:

Market Research

A competitive analysis was also conducted to further understand existing players in the market.

Business Opportunity

The total market potential is over US$ 4 billion and growing. With no clear winners in the design tool space, there is a significant opportunity for an application that can successfully engage developers and design teams in the DevOps lifecycle.

Analyst Landscape

Analysts don't appear to be deeply engaged with this category yet. A recent inquiry with Gartner provided positive reinforcement for our current direction.

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