Product Vision - Defend

This is the product vision for Defend.


The Defend stage includes all features related to defending, reacting to, and remediating security threats to applications and their cloud infrastructure. GitLab helps you create, deliver, and manage secure applications in today's modern infrastructure while also enabling DevOps methodologies and Digital Transformations.


There are a few categories that are critical for success in this stage; each one is intended to represent what you might find as an entire product out in the market. If you have thoughts or questions on any of these, feel free to jump into the conversation in the vision epic.

Runtime Application Self Protection

When applications are deployed to production, they are subject to real security threats that may lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data. Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) actively monitor and block threats before they can exploit vulnerability in the target application.

Web Application Firewall


Threat Detection

Detect and respond to security threats.

Behavior Analytics

Machine learning to analyze normal and aberrant behavior.

Vulnerability Management

Security dashboards

Data Loss Prevention


Container Network Security


Prioritization Process

In general, we follow the same prioritization guidelines as the product team at large. Issues will tend to flow from having no milestone, to being added to the backlog, to being added to this page and/or a specific milestone for delivery.

You can see our entire public backlog for Package at this link; filtering by labels or milestones will allow you to explore. If you find something you're interested in, you're encouraged to jump into the conversation and participate. At GitLab, everyone can contribute!

Issues with the "direction" label have been flagged as being particularly interesting, and are listed in the sections below.


Other Interesting Items

There are a number of other issues that we've identified as being interesting that we are potentially thinking about, but do not currently have planned by setting a milestone for delivery. Some are good ideas we want to do, but don't yet know when; some we may never get around to, some may be replaced by another idea, and some are just waiting for that right spark of inspiration to turn them into something special.

Remember that at GitLab, everyone can contribute! This is one of our fundamental values and something we truly believe in, so if you have feedback on any of these items you're more than welcome to jump into the discussion. Our vision and product are truly something we build together!