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Published on: June 3, 2024
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Developing GitLab Duo series

Our unique blog series, written by our Product and Engineering teams, takes you behind the scenes of our AI innovation and guides you through our newest AI features powering your DevSecOps workflow.

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Generative AI marks a monumental shift in the software development industry, making it easier to develop, secure, and operate software. Our blog series, written by our product and engineering teams, gives you an inside look at how we create, test, and deploy the AI features you need integrated throughout the enterprise. Get to know new capabilities within GitLab Duo and how they will help DevSecOps teams deliver better results for customers.

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1. How we validate and test AI models at scale

  • Our blog series debuts with a behind-the-scenes look at how we evaluate LLMs, match them to use cases, and fine-tune them to produce better responses for users.

2. AI Impact analytics dashboard measures the ROI of AI

  • We spotlight a new feature that provides detailed metrics, such as the Code Suggestions Usage Rate, to help understand the effectiveness of AI investments.

3. How we are dogfooding our AI features

  • We share real-world examples of how we integrate AI throughout our software development lifecycle and how we use metrics to gauge their success.

4. Secure and thoroughly test AI-generated code

  • Learn step-by-step how to enhance AI-generated code reliability and security using GitLab Duo and GitLab Pages (includes code samples and prompts).

5. Blending AI and Root Cause Analysis to fix CI/CD pipelines

  • Discover how we've infused Root Cause Analysis with AI to help remedy broken CI/CD pipelines, including example scenarios and take-away exercises.

6. Developing GitLab Duo: A roundup of recent Chat enhancements

  • Discover the latest improvements to GitLab Duo Chat, including prompt cancellation and architectural upgrades. Learn how these updates streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Learn more about GitLab Duo, our AI-powered suite of features for your DevSecOps workflow. Then start a free trial of GitLab Duo to get the incredible benefits in your own organization!

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