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Product Vision - Expansion


The Expansion Team at GitLab focuses on running experiments to increase the expansion of our platform and expanding usage by teams within an organization or by individual users additionally we strive to increase the value of Gitlab to existing customers getting them to adopt new features in higher paid tiers. It's easy to look at GitLab and quickly come to a conclusion that our platform is for technical teams only (e.g. developers and engineers) but in fact many other non-technical teams can use GitLab to increase efficiency and integrate their work into a company's development life-cycle. To call out a few Product Managers, Data Analysts, Marketers, Support, UI/UX and Executives use GitLab in their day today. We want to get these teams to that ‘ah-Ha!’ moment so they can also benefit from using the platform. Our experiments are all public and we encourage feedback from the community and internal team.

Expansion Team

Product Manager: Tim Hey | Engineering Manager: Phil Calder | UX Manager: Jacki Bauer | Product Designer: Matej Latin | Full Stack Engineer: Doug Stull | Full Stack Engineer: Jackie Fraser

Expansion Team Mission

Expansion KPI

Supporting performance indicators:

Problems to solve

Do you have issues… We’d love to hear about them, how can we help GitLab contributors find that ah-Ha! Moment.

Here are few problems we are trying to solve:

Our approach

Expansion runs a standard growth process. We gather feedback, analyze the information, ideate then create experiments and test. As you can imagine the amount of ideas we can come up with is enormous so we use the ICE framework (impact, confidence, effort) to ensure we are focusing on the experiments that will provide the most value.


The growth team at GitLab is new and we are iterating along the way. As of August 2019 we have just formed the expansion group and are planning to become a more mature, organized and well oiled machine by January 2020.

GitLab Growth project

KPIs & Performance Indicators

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