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Group Direction - Compliance

This is a placeholder page for the Compliance group. Check out the Manage section page to see what we are working on and our individual category pages to see what our group is working on.

Categories we focus on

  1. Compliance Management
  2. Audit Events
  3. Audit Reports

Jobs to be Done

To best frame these problems we’ve compiled a set of Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) that represent the jobs our users are hiring us for. If you’re unfamiliar with JTBDs take a look at this article.

Manage compliance posture

When I am responsible for ensuring the compliance of my organization, I want to ensure we meet all required criteria defined in controls and policies, so that it does not create problems for us during an audit.

Job statements Maturity Confidence Source
When restrictions are necessary, I want to configure an environment, so that I can ensure we are compliant. Badge level - Issue
When I have complete visibility into adherence of policies, I want to monitor the condition of our software development practices, so that I can address issues before they become more problematic. Badge level - Issue
When I am preparing for an audit, I want to create shareable deliverables, so that I can provide evidence of compliance. Badge level - Issue
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