Product Vision 2018

This page describes the Product Vision for 2018. Internally, we're intending on implementing everything in here before the 2018 summit, currently scheduled for Aug 23, 2018. Of course that's incredibly aggressive, so as a customer or prospect, please don't count on that date. Some of these might only get to a minimal, or even just a demoable state by then.

Stages are based on the DevOps Toolchain. Also see our blog post on the Complete DevOps vision. Or see the open issues for Product Vision 2018.

DevOps Lifecycle



      Mattermost CE

Issue Tracker

      Realtime editing of the issue/MR description field and realtime file editing
      Navigate to external issue tracker page
      JIRA Development Panel Integration EEP
      Import JIRA project issues into GitLab project issues EEP

Issue Board

      Issue board CE

Portfolio Management

      [meta] Portfolio Management EEU
      View roadmap epics with early/late start/finish EEU
      View issue counts and closed counts and closed issues in epic EEU


Version Control

      Push to create a new project
      Make GitHub Desktop GitLab compatible
      [meta] GitFusion mirroring support EEP

Code Review

      Merge request CE
      Commenting on a changed image in a merge request diff
      Reviews: batch comments on merge requests EEP


      Split containers: separate dev / prod containers
      Multi-file editor
      Web Terminal with persistent disk EEU
      Cloud development with a web IDE EEU
      Web IDE preview EEU



      Code Quality EEP
      Testing for multiple browsers using Selenium EEP
      Improve speed of CI
      Auto DevOps++
      Show code coverage in diffs with colored horizontal bar EEP
      [Meta] Load/performance testing and impact of merge request EEP
      License Management EEU
      Code Quality++ EEP
      Flaky test detection, reporting, prevention, and minimization EEP
      Detect and report on flaky tests EEP

Security Testing

      Security Scanning in Registry EEU
      Auto SAST EEU
      Show SAST results in MR widget EEU
      Application Security Testing (SAST, DAST, and Recon) EEU


Container Registry

      Container Registry CE

Binary Repository

      Package server that can serve artifacts as Maven and Debian packages EEP
      Binary repository EEP


CD / Release Automation

      Environments CE
      Deployment history CE
      Deploy boards EEP
      Canary deployments EEP
      Pipeline view of environments
      Kubernetes/GKE integration - First-class clusters
      Merge train/Release train/Merge when master succeeds: run build on merged code before merging EEP
      Incremental, timed rollout EEP
      SLO and auto revert/stop incremental deployment EEP
      Dashboard of all environments in a group EEP
      Show current status of pods in deploy board EEP


Application Control Panel

      Secret variables CE
      Rename "secret variables"
      Application configuration
      Scale apps with slider
      Switch between deploying to staging or production
      Enable/disable canaries
      Enable services with variables and UI
      GitLab PaaS EEP
      Autoscaling apps EEP
      Application idling EEP

Infrastructure Configuration

      Monitoring of Kubernetes cluster
      Cluster configuration/management EEP


      Continuous dependency security/update checking EEU
      Operator role EEP
      Ops features

Feature Flags

      Feature flags (for user apps, not GitLab itself) EEP




Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

      Prometheus monitoring CE
      Custom metrics EEP
      [Meta] Load/performance testing and impact of merge request EEP
      Detect and report slow database queries EEP
      GitLab Tracing EEP
      Alerting on abnormal Production behavior EEP
      Automated anomaly detection and alerting EEP
      Service Mesh Support

Production Monitoring

      Monitoring of Kubernetes cluster
      Ops view of monitoring and deploy board EEP
      Production scripted testing EEP

Error Tracking

      Error Tracking EEU


      Auto log EEP
      Auto Log Alerts EEP

Cycle Analytics

      Cycle Analytics CE

Conversational Development Index

      Conversational Development Index CE


Not a stage, but part of our 2018 plan

      Push to Geo secondary (proxied to primary) EEP
      Automatic DR EEP
      Improve speed index CE
      Multithreaded application server


Not a stage, but part of our 2018 plan


      Create AWS CloudFormation template
      Getting Started Guide / Curated Deployment Methods
      Instant SSL for GitLab via Let's Encrypt
      [Meta] GitLab HA improvements post GA EEP
      [Meta] Easy enterprise installations
      Auto updater/updating
      [meta] AWS QuickStart Guide
      [WIP] Build a Web Administration portal for GitLab

Cloud Native Installation

      Create a docker image and chart per GitLab service
      Automated GitLab Deployment on GKE