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Category Direction - Integrations

Stage Enablement
Maturity Viable

This direction is a work in progress, and everyone can contribute:


GitLab's vision is to be the best single application for every part of the DevOps toolchain. However, some customers use tools other than our built-in features–and we respect those decisions. The Integrations category was created specifically to better serve those customers.

Currently, GitLab offers 30+ project services that integrate with a variety of external systems. Integrations are a high priority for GitLab, and the Integrations category was established to develop and maintain these integrations with key 3rd party systems and services.


The Integrations direction is to support customers who integrate other tools with GitLab, and do our best to provide them with a great experience. As we add support for more integrations the number of people able to use GitLab will grow.

It is also increasingly important that GitLab serves the needs of larger customers, many of which rely on systems like Jira, Jenkins, and ServiceNow. It can be vitally important to have a robust integration with these services, and not having that can make the experience painful, and in some cases block adoption of GitLab entirely.

By making these integrations powerful and useful, we make the lives of our users better–even when they're using other products. This is what we mean when we say that GitLab plays well with others.


The Integrations category additionally tracks Maturity on a per-integration basis. Each integration is evaluated by the following criteria:

Current High-priority Integrations

You can view a list of all of our current integrations on our Project services documentation page

Integration Maturity Level Documentation Epic/Issue
Atlassian Jira Viable Documentation Epic
Jenkins Viable Documentation Epic
ServiceNow Planned   Epic · MVC Issue


There are many services that could potentially integrate with GitLab and the DevOps space (and beyond.) Because of this, we prioritize the integrations we work on based on:

Based on these priorities, we're currently only targeting a limited set of products and services–specifically, those listed above and those that are scheduled on our backlog. All prioritized integrations have a target maturity of Complete, and will take precedent over other integrations until they hit that maturity level.

For all other integrations, our team also supports our API and SDKs so that developers can build anything else they can imagine. Additionally, we have an Alliances team that's always happy to talk to any companies interested in integrating their platform with GitLab.

What's next and why

Improvements to Jira integration

This is our current top priority. There is currently a large backlog of requests for new features, bugs to be fixed, and documentation issues around our Jira integration. Of all the products we integrate with, this has by far the most customer interest, and we'd like GitLab to continue to integrate with Jira better than BitBucket does.

Integrating ServiceNow

A number of our large customers have requested integration with ServiceNow, and we know how important these types of workflow management tools can be to how they operate their business.

Improvements to Jenkins integration

Many firms are still using Jenkins for their CI/CD needs, and as much as they may want to migrate off of Jenkins, it can prove difficult. We have an Integrations Category working on solving that problem, but in the meanwhile we also need our product to play nice with Jenkins for those who can't move off of it.

Laying Groundwork for More Integrations

As we expanding our available integrations and work to make it easier for developers in our community to contribute their own, it's essential that we start to make many of those integration points reusable for new work to be added later. This will allow us to increase the velocity of our own feature additions of new integrations, as well as enable partners and community members to add the features they need most.


At GitLab, one of our values is that everyone can contribute. If you're looking to contribute your own integration, or otherwise get involved with features in the Ecosystem area, you can find open issues here.

You can read more about our general contribution guidelines here.

Feedback & Requests

If there's an integration that you'd like to see GitLab offer, or if you have feedback about an existing integration: please submit an issue with the label ~Category:Integrations, or contact Patrick Deuley, Sr. Product Manager, Ecosystem.