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Category Direction - DevOps Reports

Manage Stage

Category DevOps Reports
Stage Manage
Group Optimize
Maturity Minimal
Content Last Reviewed 2021-10-12

Introduction and how you can help

Thanks for visiting the direction page for DevOps Reports in GitLab. This page is being actively maintained by the Product Manager for the Optimize group. If you'd like to contribute or provide feedback on our category direction, you can:

  1. Comment and ask questions regarding this category vision by commenting in the roadmap epic for this category.
  2. Search for specific issues in this category using the Category:Devops Reports label.


GitLab has extraordinary breadth for a single application, providing an entire DevOps platform from portfolio planning all the way through to monitoring and service desk. As such, GitLab is uniquely positioned to provide a complete picture of your organization's DevOps journey and your return on investment in automation and DevOps practices.

GitLab shows adoption of key GitLab features across an organization, with a breakdown by sub groups. This provides insight into which groups are using each feature. The DevOps Reports category aims to extend the current functionality to answer questions such as:


Jobs to be done

Tracking DevOps transformation

When my organization is going through a DevOps transformation, I want to know how far along our DevOps journey we are and how this has impacted performance, so that I can monitor progress and report to leadership.

Job statements Maturity Confidence Source
When renewing my contract with a vendor, I want to demonstrate to leadership that the tool is being adopted and providing value, so I can justify the tool's expense. Badge level - Researched Issue
When looking to upgrade my contract with a vendor, I want to demonstrate to leadership that teams have heavily adopted features in the current tier and are ready to get value from higher tier features, so I can justify the additional expense. Badge level - Researched Issue
When consolidating my DevOps toolchain and/or migrating to a new platform, I want to track the progress of adoption across my organization, so that we can get the most out of our new investment and remove other tools. Badge level - Researched Issue
When trying to improve organizational productivity with DevOps, I want to know which tools & practices are being used in high/low-performing teams, so that we can learn from their experience. Badge level - Researched Issue

What's Next and Why

The team is currently focused on our SaaS first theme.

GitLab's success has translated into tremendous user growth, both for our self-managed and SaaS offerings. We are working on supporting security, scale and performance accross the Manage stage and will not be focused on expanding feature work on this category in this quarter.

Specific mid term steps in this area include:

Maturity Plan

This category is currently Minimal. The next step in our maturity plan is achieving a Viable state of maturity. We are tracking progress to reach this next maturity state in gitlab&1499.

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