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Category Vision - Roadmaps


Large enterprises are continually working on increasingly more complex and larger scope initiatives that cut across multiple teams and even departments, spanning months, quarters, and even years. GitLab's vision is to provide robust, multi-level roadmaps that enable businesses to track current effort in flight, and plan upcoming work to best utilize their resources and focus on the right priorities.

GitLab will leverage timeline-based roadmap visualizations to help enterprises plan from small time scales (e.g. 2 week sprints for development teams) to large time scales (e.g. annual strategic initiatives for entire departments). Enhanced issues and issue boards capabilities will allow more versatile and powerful backlog grooming and cross-sprint planning functionality.

GitLab will enable teams to track execution of these plans over time. In addition to roadmap views as well as existing time tracking and story point estimation features (called weights in GitLab), GitLab workflow management will also be improved with group-level customized workflows integrated into boards, as well as burndown and burnup charts also integrated into boards.

What's next & why

We've written a mock press release describing where we intend to be by 2020-09-01. We will maintain this and update it as we sense and respond to our customers and the wider community.

To move towards our long term vision of robust roadmapping, we are working to provide a solid foundation of functionality that we can build on in the future. We are working to ensure that the roadmap view provides the information you need to understand current state of work, identify blockers or bottlenecks, and ensure upcoming work is prepared for.

To begin, we will be releasing multiple enhancements to the current Roadmap view:

Competitive landscape

Analyst landscape

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